Defensive Edge / SLR15 Rifles & Training Grant Program
We at Defensive Edge / SLR15 Rifles, Inc. are happy to provide free rifles and training to needy agencies. We want to help agencies that need rifles but can’t afford them.

How It Works:

Applying for a grant is easy and takes just a few minutes. Simply answer the questions on the SLR15 Rifles & Training Grant Application and forward to our office.

We regularly have demo rifles that we cannot sell as new. These rifles have had very little use and need a good home.

When these rifles find their new home, we want to make sure that the agency is properly trained.

To obtain rifles through the SLR15 Rifles & Training Grant Program, agencies are requested to host a Rifle Armorer and/or Instructor course at no cost to the agency.

Our staff meets monthly to review the grant applications. We will notify the agency of the award and work towards scheduling the training.

Hosting a Course:

Agencies need to provide a classroom for Armoring Courses or a range for Instructor courses. We ask that agencies help promote the course. We will handle registration and POST paperwork, if applicable. We provide all tools, targets, etc.

Criteria for selection include:

Agency currently needs rifles but can’t afford them

Agency is willing to host a Rifle Armorer and/or Instructor course

Questions? Email us at [email protected]

SLR15 Rifles & Training Grant Application

(Note: Copy and paste this text into Email or Word and send to us at [email protected])


Agency Name

Agency Contact and Rank

Agency Address

Agency City, State & Zip

Agency Phone Number

Agency Email

Total Sworn Officers

Do you have a Tactical Team?

If yes, is this your team or multi-jurisdictional?

Total team members and population served

Does your agency have shoulder weapons? If yes, what type, brand & caliber?

Does your department have a patrol rifle program?

Does your agency have rifle instructors and armorers? If so how many of each?

Does your department cross train with other departments for firearms?

If this rifle is awarded to another department, would your department be interested in our trade in program?

Would you be interested in hosting a Rifle Instructor or Armorer course?

How will this equipment help your team/agency?