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SLR15 Commander Rifle 16" SLR15 Commander Rifle 16"

The SLR15 Commander is a 16 inch chrome lined barrel rifle which has the Military style relief cuts of the Operator Model. This profile enhancement to the barrel makes it lighter weight for better balance and handling characteristics, and will accept the Military type munitions launchers.

The SLR15 Commander Rifle has a longer site radius, which means it is more user friendly by being easier to hit with and more accurate.

The barrel on the SLR15 Commander Rifle is covered by the handguard. The covered barrel is a plus, because if the raw barrel is touched to anything like a barricade/cover during the firing process, the harmonic vibrations of the barrel will be interupted, and the shot will not go where the shooter intends. A covered barrel does not get interrupted during the shot.

Read the SWAT Magazine Article by Dennis Hansen.


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